Best Companies to Work For

December 2, 2014

Small Companies


Family comes first when you work at BambooHR. The company’s founders make sure they leave work by 5:30 p.m. at the latest to demonstrate that there’s nothing heroic about working late into the night or sacrificing family time to work through the weekends. Company leaders also make a consistent effort to recognize the efforts of employees by providing unexpected activities, parties and other perks. Bamboo hosts two company meetings every year, where everyone celebrates achievements, takes part in team-building and concludes with a fancy meal, which includes spouses and partners.

The work atmosphere is open and collaborative, and those who work in closed offices have an open-door policy; anyone can enter to discuss their concerns or ideas.

“I feel like I can go to anyone within the company for help, even the CEO. Everyone’s opinions matter and everyone is encouraged to share ideas. I love that BambooHR is a family-first company, and I know if something came up in my personal life, they would be more than accommodating.”

Diversified Insurance Group

Sometimes it’s the small things that mean the most. Among favorite perks like great health benefits, bonuses and a generous employee referral program, employees of Diversified Insurance Group frequently mention a company policy that gives them a half day off on the day before a holiday. “There is also a genuine sense of appreciation and concern for employees. This is expressed in large and small ways, from generous employee appreciation to early dismissal/late openings when severe weather might create a safety hazard for commuters,” says one employee.

The focus on employees extends to their growth and development. “They are always willing to listen to ideas for job growth or taking on more responsibilities. They also provide ways in which everyone can earn commission and take part of the new business plan,” says another worker.

  • Profit sharing and performance bonuses
  • Contributions to health savings accounts
  • Gym membership

Doba LLC

Doba’s management takes many steps to ensure employees feel appreciated, supported and listened to. One of the company’s executives leads a meeting every month that is open to all employees, where they can ask questions and bring up concerns. The company also holds an annual company celebration it calls “Doba Day,” where awards and prize money are given to high-performing employees. Doba also celebrates and rewards the achievements of its employees at monthly meetings.

Management works to ensure employees have the support they need to help them become high-achievers. “Whenever I have a question I never hesitate to ask, because I know that they are here to help me become better,” says an employee.

  • Maternity and paternity leave beyond what is required by law
  • Performance-based bonuses
  • Team activities, catered lunches and breakfasts

Edward Jones

Edward Jones doesn’t just talk about supporting its associates—the company puts its money where its mouth is. All income after expenses is paid to associates via bonuses, profit-sharing and partnership earnings. Regions accumulate funds for branch and region achievements, which are spent on rewards for top-achieving associates, such as sporting events, comedy shows or meals.

Financial advisers are allowed to set their own schedules and choose their own branch locations. Edward Jones keeps overtime work to a minimum to ensure employees maintain a good work/life balance, and 98 percent of employees say they feel their jobs let them balance their professional and personal obligations.

“In an era where there is much distrust of financial institutions, Edward Jones really stands alone by virtue of their concern for the individual investor. The Golden Rule applies here.”

GPS Capital Markets

Of the GPS Capital Markets employees who took the Best Companies survey, 98 percent said they were either satisfied or very satisfied with their level of compensation and benefits, and none said they were dissatisfied or very dissatisfied. Ninety-eight percent also said the job allowed them to balance their work and personal obligations.

The company’s workspace is open, with everyone working in a common space, including the managing partners. “I feel that I can speak my feelings freely without worry of negative repercussions,” one employee says. “I feel they want to hear from the employees and want to know how to help us more effectively do our job so we can better serve the client.”

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