Best Companies to Work For

December 2, 2014

Ninety-six percent of Cementation employees surveyed said they are satisfied or very satisfied with their pay and benefits. The company also matches employee 401(k) contributions at 100 percent, up to 5 percent of employee pay.

  • Company-paid skills development courses
  • Subsidized gym memberships
  • Up to $500 for group sporting events
  • Laptops for many employees, which offer the flexibility to work
    from home

The Cicero Group

The Cicero Group is committed to helping its employees improve themselves. In addition to full six-week training for all new employees, the company provides full reimbursement for applicable certification programs and graduate degree programs.

“I enjoy the flexible work hours they offer,” says an employee. “They allow me to balance my student and personal time, all while keeping me motivated and highly satisfied with when I work. In addition, I enjoy the competitive nature presented by the overall structure of the workday. It keeps me focused on pushing myself towards performing well.”

At a weekly lunch, the leadership publicly recognizes individual and company-wide achievements. Cicero Group also has a policy of promoting from within and granting raises based on employees’ performance.

“My supervisor feels like a respected peer more than anything. I love coming to work because of the environment. Even if I were offered substantially more money to work somewhere else I wouldn’t take the job because Cicero is like home to me.”


Domo has an open door policy at all levels of the company and promotes real-time communication and feedback between managers and their employees. Domo employees are also given top-of-the-line laptops and phones to help employees be the most successful at their jobs. “From the new tablet at hire to the company sponsored gym membership, there is a great amount of benefits at Domo,” says one employee. “The company goes above and beyond to recognize their employees in many ways and multiple times a year at company events.”

Domo also closes its offices Christmas Eve through New Years so employees can truly unplug and enjoy their families. In addition, employees receive 20 days of paid time off each year and 13 paid holidays.

“Domo has better benefits than many Silicon Valley companies. They really take the time to explain how everything works and don’t want you to have to worry about the little things. From catered lunch every day to a baby bonus when you have a child, Domo has thought of every way to make our lives outside of work better.”


A transparent and relaxed work environment has employees raving about Instructure, where everyone sits together in an open area and can easily connect with each other. This environment is what prompts employees to dedicatedly come to work, even though they receive unlimited time off.

“Our time is viewed as valuable,” says an employee. “We take the vacation time we need without having to save up days. This policy works because everyone cares about their work and doesn’t take advantage of it.”

Receiving stock options in the company when hired, a fully stocked kitchen and frequent free lunches keeps employees happy throughout their work days.

  • Coverage for alternative care (acupuncture, homeopathy, naturopath, etc.)
  • Season ski passes and Jazz tickets
  • 100 percent covered health insurance premiums


The employees of Pluralsight are excited about their company’s culture. They’ve described it as “awesome” and “freaking amazing.” One employee says, “I have never been prouder to work for a company than here.” This devotion is no accident. The company makes culture a high priority and has an employee blog dedicated specifically to culture, which anyone can contribute to. The company provides at-work perks like catered lunches every Wednesday, as well as snacks and massages.

Part of that culture is philanthropy. Pluralsight has donated access to its online courses to schools and nonprofits, has run donation drives for the homeless, and has donated food for starving children worldwide.

“Pluralsight strongly encourages lifelong learning, and in addition to offering access to all of the training courses on the site … they also give us tuition reimbursement. Because of this I can go back to school and get my degree for computer science, something I thought I’d never be able to afford.”


Solutionreach employees are passionate about the culture of their workplace. “There is a creative energy that surrounds and emanates from this area,” one employee says. “It’s infectious. I love working here. It is by far the greatest place I have ever worked.”

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