September 1, 2008

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Fast 50

There’s no sensationalism when we say our first Fast 50 finishers bolted out ...Read More

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Fast 50

Linda T. Kennedy

September 1, 2008

There’s no sensationalism when we say our first Fast 50 finishers bolted out of nowhere to become phenoms in their respective industries. What’s their secret to success? Read closely and you’ll notice more similarities besides skyrocketing revenues, such as taking a problem and finding how the solution could translate into revolutionary products and tools. Mixing that with innovative work environments and management methods have taken these small start-ups to the winner’s circle in no time at all. 1. Interbank FX ( If one success story could illustrate the old adage, “It takes one to know one,” it would belong to Interbank FX ( Chairman and President CEO Todd Crosland. As one broker trying to find a better way to trade currencies directly, instead of through a broker dealing desk, Crosland is now a virtual pied piper leading more than 27,000 other brokers, individual traders, fund managers and institutional customers in 140 countries through its proprietary technology and revolutionary approach to Forex trading. And company representatives say Interbank’s growth is about 2,000 new clients a month. “A dealing desk inflates the banks’ currency quotes, which Todd felt was not a fair business practice,” says Corbin Layton, IBFX public relations specialist. “As Todd found success with his unique model, individual traders began to take notice and asked to be a part of it.” IBFX’s model goes directly to its banking partners to obtain quotes, giving its customers, according to Layton, the most accurate and fair prices, something not previously found in the retail foreign exchange industry. Last year, IBFX announced its multi-bank liquidity feed, which provides its customers access to liquidity and automatically executes trades with seven of the world’s largest financial institutions, including Bank of America, Citigroup and Goldman Sachs. “Because of the strong relationship that exists between IBFX and our liquidity providers, banks have a stronger incentive to provide our platform with deep liquidity, meaning faster and simpler trade execution for our clients,” says Crosland. Developing his online brokerage firm, though, meant large personal and financial risks for Crosland since he set out seven years ago with a lack of know-how and familiarity with the foreign exchange industry. “There wasn’t a blueprint on how to start an online brokerage,” says Crosland. He purchased $100,000 worth of software that didn’t work and invested $500,000 of his own private capital before seeing any revenue. Crosland’s years fine tuning the tech-nology and relationships with IBFX banking partners, though, resulted in a net revenue leap of $33.3 million dollars from $104,509 in five years, a record even for Wall Street standards. And accolades are resonating his success, including the Best Foreign Exchange Broker at the 2007 Shares Awards in London. “Like any entrepreneur, there was always the chance that his venture would fail,” says Layton. “Perhaps the biggest obstacle and risk of all was abolishing what the industry saw as the most profitable tool - the dealing desk. By doing so, Todd proved he could find both success and run a fair business.” IBFX’s vision includes plans to turn the company into an FDIC insured national bank and refining their trading technology and execution with hopes of being placed within the top three retail Forex brokerages in the world. 2. Skullcandy While riding on a Utah ski resort chair lift, equipped for a day of snowboarding and listening to music on his headphones, Skullcandy founder Rick Alden’s cell phone rang. He began a frantic search for his phone while removing his gloves and headphones to answer the call and that’s the moment an audio technology company, which has become a lifestyle brand with a cult-like following, was born. Five years later, the company that designs headphones combined with hands-free cellular technology, is experiencing revenue growth to the tune of 400 percent and with their business plan, they’re not slowing down. “The scenario (on the chairlift) reminded Rick of a trip to London on the Tube, where he noticed passengers experiencing the same moments of chaos as they attempted to make the transition from music listening to answering calls,” explains Skullcandy President Jeremy Andrus. “He thought to himself, ‘It can’t be that difficult to integrate your music and the use of cell phones.’” Knowing that music is a big part of the sports culture, Skullcandy maintains its role as an innovator to the core surf, skate and snow audiences in the U.S. and 50 countries. But the company is also broadening its reach into the fashion and entertainment industries by teaming up with well-known leaders and personalities such as DJs Clinton Sparks and Frankie Bones. Andrus says their booth at the 2006 Snow Industry Association (SIA) show in Las Vegas became a hangout for listening to top DJs spinning throughout the day. “Our strong growth is attributed to the fact that we have built a brand that resonates with our consumer and their lifestyle.” 3. Mindshare Technologies John Sperry, Mindshare CEO and Richard Hanks, president and chairman say General George Patton’s philosophy of, “Violent execution of a good strategy will beat good execution of a great strategy every time,” connects with their success. The team put it to work five years ago when they asked their 10-member staff to consider working without pay. A strategy that could’ve been debatable as being good or great then, resulted in revenue growth more than eight times (733 percent) in three years and gaining Fortune 500 clients, (Marriott, Hertz, McDonald’s Capital One, etc.) who are utilizing Mindshare Technology’s business monitoring tools. “Each employee decided to go without pay in hopes that the single large interested customer (Great Clips Hair Salons) would sign in time to get the company off the ground,” says Hanks. “They signed three months later and asked if they could pay in advance.” Great Clips signed on for a technology that allows them to capture real-time customer feedback. Data is captured and transformed into targeted reports that can be pre-scheduled for automatic email delivery, and/or accessed 24/7 on the Web. In October 2005, the company started paying back almost $850,000 in deferred salaries to the original staff that are still there, and now they’ve been entirely compensated. Additionally, Mindshare is producing more than $650,000 per month in reoccurring revenues, has 33 employees, zero debt and clients in more than 25 industries. “We collect surveys from 67 countries in 14 languages,” says Sperry. “We’re looking to build a long-term stable company, not a ‘turn and flip.’” 4. CLEARLINK Ask CLEARLINK CEO Phil Hansen for his business card and you’ll find his name on it, but not his title. “We only have titles in the outside world,” Hansen says. Inside the world of CLEARLINK, a marketing and sales firm that creates customer acquisitions for premium consumer brands, Hansen says a non-traditional, open management style is one of the most innovative things about the company. “We try to abolish hierarchy around here because it slows people down, creates undo pressure and fear and stifles the creativity,” he says. Hansen says he found that great ideas come from people throughout the business, so people in every rank within the company are called into management meetings. “You’ll find some brand new account managers in our meetings and vice presidents that have been here for a while [in the meetings],” says Hansen. “People just aren’t as willing to offer their ideas when their boss is standing over them.” The style is working for them, since CLEARLINK experienced revenue increases of more than 8,000 percent within the first three years of business and they’ve only been at it four years since Odyssey Web, a local Web development agency merged with iDish Network to become CLEARLINK. Now CLEARLINK is forming marketing relationships with brands like ADT Home Security, DISH Network, DIRECTV and Quest, as well as formulating consumer brands. Hansen says the unusual management style generates “completely non-traditional” marketing methods that don’t include television, radio, direct mail or newspaper. So what are they? Hansen says the tactics stay in the boardroom. “The fact that they’re secret is what makes them work.” 5. Revinetix Revinetix CEO Thomas Hogan says his business was “just a typical start-up, garage shop operation” and his virtual office meant using Web cams for phones. But it wasn’t long before it was growing enough to expand his worksite and the Olive Garden fit the bill. “Well, you can only fit so many in a garage or basement after a while and people get hungry, you know,” reminisces Hogan about the early days which weren’t really that long ago. It was five years ago that Hogan, with Revinetix Chief Scientist Steve “Max” Ackerman and a few engineers, set out to meet the specific data protection challenges of small to medium-sized organizations with software that would include features such as application level support for email and SQL, deduplication, and the ability to archive and off-site critical data via disk as opposed to tape. The result is a turn-key, all-in-one appliance that comes installed, configured and ready for deployment within existing IT infrastructures, as well as a ten times increase in their ASP and 300 percent revenue growth in one year. Hogan says central to Revinetix technology and market approach is the Disk2Disk2DiskTM or D2D2DTM (D3) backup philosophy, claiming that reliance on tape as a final step in taking data offsite is becoming “obsolete”. “Against all odds, each of us believed we could develop a better backup solution by building a centrally managed software application and bundling into a disk-to-disk-to-disk RAID configuration,” says Hogan. “The market has confirmed that belief.” 6. Fishbowl Inventory While a growing number of employees are working at Fishbowl, they’re definitely not working in one. You won’t find these workers trapped inside a closed professional environment. “We are very innovative in our hiring and personnel management,” explains Fishbowl Inventory CEO David Williams about the company that provides mid-market level inventory control, manufacturing and distribution software that integrates with QuickBooks. “With our open door policy, we thrive on innovation and contributions from every position in the company. Everyone in the company helps create a win-win agreement that establishes their relationship with the company and in each agreement, a flexible structure is put in place that empowers each employee to contribute to the utmost of his or her abilities.” Those contributions have resulted in near tripling revenues leaps year-over-year since 2004. According to Williams, Fishbowl Inventory is the number one requested software package from the more than 400 available on the market. Fishbowl originally created an inventory control system for a local medical equipment company that specializes in rebuilding nuclear cameras. After the QuickBooks platform was opened to third party developers seven years ago, the company expanded focus and development efforts to the advanced inventory needs of QuickBooks users. “One reason for our success is in the crucial functionality gaps that we bridged for QuickBooks users,” says Williams. Success probably also has to do with sticking out the rough beginnings. And how did they come up with the name Fishbowl Inventory? “We wanted to create a software that allowed companies to look at all of their inventory all of the time from anywhere,” says Williams. “We decided that’s how it is with a fishbowl.” 7. Heritage Web Solutions Even though Heritage Web Solutions President and CEO David Aitken could’ve resisted the risks associated with putting all the company’s resources into online marketing, he did his due diligence and not only realized a 3,443.1 percent growth in revenue in three years, but also launched the culture of the company. “Our ‘even though’ culture removes any opportunity for our staff to provide excuses associated with not hitting their goals,” explains Aitken about the company, which provides services in custom Website design, hosting, programming and marketing and database management. “Instead, we tell them no matter what, we can find a way to solve the problem. Then our staff knows they can tell us how they accomplished their goals ‘even though’ their challenges could’ve derailed their projects.” While most companies call it incentives, Aitken’s personable “celebrations” are helping his 200 employees and 500 contract workers manage monthly sales of more than 1,000 Websites, ranking the company 22nd, and first in Utah, on the 2007 Inc. 500 list, with goals to move into foreign markets. From kneeling down by his employee’s desks with a one-on-one thank you to taking them to lunch and giving out cash and product rewards, Aitken’s celebration budget includes more than $25,000 in cash bonuses for his staff. “We don’t wait until the final goal is reached to celebrate,” explains Aitkens. “As they overcome each step towards their goal, we celebrate. And the more problems, the more celebrations because in our eyes the more there are challenges, the more they had to overcome to reach their goal.” 8. Doba From the shores of another business, Doba CEO Jeremy Hanks spotted a wave on the e-commerce tide and jumped on. It was at the tail end of running an outdoor products online marketplace,, that Hanks and fellow employees Dave Gray and Brandon Williams founded Doba. “GearTrade helped us see the challenges specialty retailers face with inventory as a limiting factor, so we springboarded from that into Doba,” says Hanks. Doba’s Inventory on Demand Platform is designed to simplify virtual B2B commerce for retailers and suppliers. Currently, the software helps manage and enable drop shipping for more than 20,000 retailers and 300 wholesale suppliers and is used to transact millions of dollars of B2B commerce annually. “We’re trying to apply the strategy of a two-sided network effect/marketplace business to the world of supply and retail in consumer products,” says Hanks. The efforts are resulting in revenue increases of more than 3,000 percent since the company started in 2002 and rankings such as first on the MWCN (MountainWest Capital Network) Utah 100 and 23rd on the 2007 Inc. 500 list, as well as being named as a finalist for the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award this year. Hanks says taking advantage of trends in e-commerce means being in the right place at the right time. “We have a lot of work left to do in order to accomplish what we set out to change in the way the companies who make products can get them to the companies who sell products so that the consumers have more choices,” says Hanks. “We’re just getting started.” 9. Access Technology Solutions Access Technology Solutions grew from the simple question, “How do we get from point A to point B?” Chris Boyle, president and CEO, was trying to sell and ship products to Japan and simply wanted a more cost effective way to ship small parcels than large shipping companies were providing. He needed a system that would enable them to make bulk shipments to Japan, but clear customs and deliver as individual personal imports. In 2003, Boyle brought together a team that understood the intricacies of international commerce, and using Web-based technologies, developed a system to open foreign markets to U.S. products. Since then the company has experiencedan average 250 percent revenue growth year-over-year,with an 800 percent jump between 2005 and 2007. “After developing this system we realized that many small- to medium-sized businesses faced the same problems we did, and that the solutions we developed could benefit them as well,” says Boyle. Now Access is a leading technology and logistics provider helping retail, e-commerce and direct selling companies sell their products in international markets. What Boyle started as a Japan-only solution, has successfully implemented across Asia and Europe with plans to launch their e-commerce shopping portal into additional countries as well as offer more import/export related services to and from China, Korea and the E.U. While the rising cost of fuel has challenged Access, Boyle says it has also been a catalyst to help them develop more innovative solutions to manage the international supply chain. “There is a very strong international demand for U.S. products,” says Boyle. 10. Silver Creek Development While entrepreneurs and star status personalities are creating their brand of success, Silver Creek Development President and CEO Geoff Granum is creating a place for them to hang their hat at the end of the day. Or in their case, it could be after many days, since most of his clientele are people on the move. “One thing that’s a premium to our clientele is time,” explains Granum. “We have structured our company around a clientele that can spend zero time, if they wish, on the finish design work of their home or business.“ Granum’s idea to bring tailored services and time saving features to both private and commercial high-end clients in Utah created a following, which includes pro and Olympic athletes, as well as top business owners in the United States, after he modeled his work with his own home at the 2004 Utah Parade of Homes. Now Granum’s team assembles high-end interior and exterior appointment considerations, from custom theatre rooms to computerized lighting systems, and travels wherever his clients are for their approval. “As far as choosing materials and any other finish work, they don’t need to decide that,” explains Granum. “They give us direction and we keep putting boards together until they’re satisfied.” Satisfied clients have caused Silver Creek’s revenue to swell by 500 percent since 2004 and garnered the company numerous awards and acclaim, including the title of Number One Homebuilder in the state of Utah by Sandow Media and the Leading Custom Homebuilder Book Series. And new projects in California, Arizona and Hawaii are, as Granum says, “stretching Silver Creek’s legs into a broader, more diverse market segment, style and culture.” 11. thomasARTS Full service marketing and advertising agency. “Fearless ambition to go after business that may seem too large for a former mom-and-pop shop in Farmington has led thomasARTS to where it is today…the management of the agency has never been afraid to dream big — and as the agency gets larger, so do the dreams.” -Dave Thomas, founder 12. BuilderFusion, Inc. Provides association membership management software and custom publishing. 13. Namifiers, Inc. Manufactures identification products and promotional material. “We do not place limits on ourselves. That vision flows from the CEO all the way down. The word ‘no’ is a bit of a swear word around the office, and as a result we are constantly looking at ways to advance efficiency and pass that value onto our customers.” -Brad Gasaway, vice president of marketing 14. Omniture Inc. Provides Web analytics and online business optimization software. “We’ve been successful at creating a culture and brand that attracts some of the leading companies from around the world as our customers…people feel the energy of our company when they first walk into the lobby of our building.” -John Mellor, vice president of business development and corporate strategy 15. Conservice Utility management hardware, software and services for multifamily housing units. “[We started] by recognizing a need in the industry for a company focused on customer service. [We] started with two people and now have 150!” -David Jenkins, CEO 16. Packsize Corporation Manufactures packaging and wrapping machinery. 17. Enqenuity Provider of financial planning and self development products and services. “We are innovators by combining self development and finance. It is the needed balance of philosophy and implementation. We create an experience for those that work with us leading to more joy and personal relationships with our clients.” -Garrett B. Gunderson, CEO 18. MediConnect Global, Inc. Provides medical records retrieval, scanning and storage services. “MediConnect has the technology, the experience, the resources and the contacts to work with providers to obtain records in the quickest, most accurate and efficient manner possible on behalf of its customers,” -Amy Rees Anderson, CEO 19. Lifetree Clinical Research Clinical research company dedicated to supporting the pharmaceutical, device and biotechnologies industries. “We fill a distinctive niche in the market by offering highly specialized services such as aiding our biopharmaceutical clients with their drug development strategies as they search for better ways to develop pain medications while avoiding the abuse potential of these compounds.” -Alice Jackson, CEO 20. AdvancedMD Software, Inc. Software as a service medical practice software provider for the clinic based physician marketplace. “In the early days we lived the start-up dream – working out of cramped offices and doing whatever it took to make our clients successful. Perseverance and never giving up on the belief that we could make it work and be successful were key factors.” -Bryan Whipple, marketing manager 21. Property Solutions Provides property management software to the multifamily housing market. “I still remember the feeling of having to scramble to make payroll for our small team. But we’ve kept our cost structure low from the beginning and that has allowed the company to grow faster.” -David Bateman, CEO 22. Fusion Holdings Retails watches, trampolines and trampoline parts. “We don’t innovate. We execute! Everything we do is being done by someone else who has more money and more resources. We simply get the job done.” -David A. Lindmeir, CEO 23. Costume Craze Online retailer of costumes. “Becoming the best costume company in the world does not happen by itself (or overnight). It takes real focus, hard work and a sound plan. It also requires a talented team that is focused on the same goal.” -Jeff Wiseman, vice president of business development 24. Fuel Marketing, LLC Full service advertising, marketing and public relations firm. “We persevered by always being uncomfortable. If we felt comfortable with our growth, then we knew we had stopped challenging ourselves to be better. We know that the minute one becomes comfortable with the status quo, you stop growing.” -Donna Lifsey-Foster, cofounder 25. Finicity Provides personal and small business financial planning software. “Finicity is a modern version of the envelope method of budgeting, which enables users to plan what to do with their money before it’s spent. Finicity has modernized this method, linking to the user’s financial institutions to provide real-time snapshots of what’s available to spend, anytime, anywhere.” -Corey Davis, vice president of marketing 26. COMPLETExRM Provides Enterprise 2.0 CRM software and solutions for small and medium businesses. “COMPLETExRM’s biggest success is our relationship with FranklinCovey. We jointly developed with FranklinCovey, PlanPlus™ Online; a Software-as-a-Service application that allows individuals and businesses in 30 countries to apply FranklinCovey planning methodology combined with dynamic relationship management services anytime, anywhere via the Internet, even smartphones.” -David Hill, marketing communications manager 27. Spring2 Technologies Fitting, implementation and deployment of enterprise business systems and customer application development. “We understand that there is more to technology then features and glitz. We endeavor to understand our customers’ business and implement exactly what they need. In the end, [our motto is] ‘we don’t sell Ferraris to customers that need durable Hondas.’” -Ken Berry, CEO 28. Power Innovations International Researches, develops and manufactures power solutions that generate, manage and store A/C power. “The vision of Power Innovations is to enable individual homeowners and businesses to generate new power, capture excess power and recycle power, either for power independence or to supplement and enhance available utility power.” -Robert Mount, CEO 29. Century Chemical, LLC Blends and manufactures chemical products. 30. Extra Space Storage Fully integrated real estate investment trust that owns and operates self storage facilities in North America. “As a public company, you have more access to capital than a private company, however; there are definitely challenges with being a public company. It adds to your overhead and creates reporting complexity. You are also much more under the microscope.” -James Overturf, senior vice president 31. Digital Gateway, Inc. Provides business management software to imaging business equipment dealers. “In the early days, calling us the underdog would be an understatement. We were ignored, we were ridiculed but we still decided to fight for what was best for our dealers. Now almost 15 years later, we have won by becoming the top provider for business management software in the market.” -Daron Jones, CFO/COO 32. America West Bank Full service, member owned bank headquartered in Layton. “America West Bank’s founders’ focus was to create a bank that would actually center around its business owners’ needs and expand to include other businesses and their owners, with the ability to ‘share the wealth’ with those who used ‘their’ bank.” -Douglas Durbano, CEO 33. Exact Wave Provides on demand postal data and list management solutions. “We were a risk taking company that stayed lean and trim. We moved offices six times in the first two years in an effort to keep our costs down. We have kept the same mentality through the years, allowing us to have great margins and great profitability.” -James Endicott, CEO 34. Tesco Williamsen, H&K Truck Equipment Designs and manufactures transportation and construction related equipment. “Our growth can be attributed to two things, aggressiveness and luck. In our acquisitions, we respect the foundation and culture of the company, but immediately inject a higher level of creativity and aggressiveness.” -Troy Hooton, COO 35. ServerPlus Provides outsourced ISP services and private label (VISP) Internet Solutions. “We found ourselves as owners of a group of Internet subscribers when someone who owed us money went out of business. As we looked for someone to outsource the services to, every small Internet service provider I spoke with was unhappy with who they were using for technical support. We saw an opportunity and we ran with it.” -Layne Sisk, CEO 36. Best Vinyl, LLC Seller and installer of vinyl fencing, decks, patio covers and gazebos. “Our stated vision is to be the largest vinyl fence company in the nation. We’re not letting up. We are in the process of greenfielding and acquiring other fence companies throughout the Western U.S. Our continuing goal is up, up up!” -Scott Petersen, CEO 37. The Summit Group Communications Advertising, production, media planning, media buying, interactive media, public relations, consultation and research. “TSG’s growth rests in our firm resolve to align our goals with our clients’ goals. This means effectively becoming students of our clients’ business.” -Bill Paulos, CEO 38. Chapman Innovations Manufactures and develops Carbon X flame and heat resistant material for fire safety, industrial and other industries. “By developing a unique combination of fabrics and finished products, as well as working with numerous global product firms, we are able to offer a breakthrough solution to help protect the lives of people that work in some of the world’s most hazardous situations.” -Tyler Thatcher, CEO 39. inthinc, inc. Sells real time in-vehicle safety and driver mentoring devices. “Our goal is to deliver solutions that save lives by improving driver behavior. We set out to create a new space for driving safety.” -Todd Follmer, CEO 40. mediaRAIN Full service interactive, marketing, advertising and public relations firm. “Nearly every project mediaRAIN takes on has never been done before, anywhere on the Web. We have to figure out how to accomplish these huge tasks. And we do, without fail.” -Andrew Howlett, President 41. Spring Communications Retails wireless phones, rate plans and accessories. “High impact and full of energy, we have spent the last seven years trying to be the very best in our industry and having fun along the way. We realize that the physical products in our stores are similar to our competitors – but our culture and customer experience can be different. Together, we have developed shared values, an employee pledge and a company song.” -Jason Ellis, CEO 42. Pacific Webworks, Inc. Supplier of Web tools for small business. “We have dodged many bullets over the past 10 years. We survived the Internet crash of the late 90s and early 2000s and have experimented with many different approaches before fine tuning our operation to the extent we have now.” -Ken Bell, CEO 43. Opticare of Utah Utah’s only domestic licensed insurance company for vision plans. “Our 18 year relationship with PEHP State of Utah employees continues to be our largest success. We rarely take premium increases, so revenue spikes must come from adding new contracts.” -Aaron Schubach, vice president 44. Standers Inc. Invents and manufactures mobility solutions for the bed, bath, couch and automobile. “The babyboomer market is so enormous that we have not even touched the endless possibilities in the medical market and alternative industries. We have the ability to continuously create new product that solves problems in people’s lives.” -Jan Miller, president 45. Companion Systems Designs and manufactures ATM signage, surrounds, enclosures and kiosks for the financial services industry. “In 2006 we completed the largest brand conversion project in the industry in record time. Over a period of six months, Companion manufactured and installed more than 5,000 ATM enclosures in 7-Eleven stores across the country for Citibank.” -Sally Tiley, CEO 46. LatterDayBride Retailer of modest bridal and formal wear. “LatterDayBride has never sacrificed its standard of offering the broadest line of modest wedding apparel available on the Web. This has allowed the company to maintain strong natural search rankings…in addition to driving substantial referral business.” -Nicole Thomas, president 47. Myriad Genetics, Inc. Biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of novel health care products. “Myriad discovered the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes that cause hereditary breast and ovarian cancer, and we now offer the most accurate clinical tests available to determine predisposition to cancer.” -Bill Hockett, vice president of communications 48. Little Giant Solutions Manufactures Little Giant Ladder systems. 49. Sportsman’s Warehouse Retail sporting goods. 50. TrueNorthLogic Provides Web-based professional development management solutions for educators. “K-12 education is under siege and our philosophy is to build great partnerships with state education agencies and school districts so they can focus on the challenge at hand - 21st century teaching and learning.” -Dan Cookson, CEO Emerging Eight These companies have been in business less than five years but are already making waves. Agel Enterprises, LLC Manufacturer of nutritional gel supplements and cosmetics. Alianza, Inc. Provider of wholesale VoIP. AxisPointe Supplies outsourced facility management. Control4 Inc. Manufactures home automation products. da Vinci Virtual, LLC Provides virtual office solutions nationally. G Code Ventures Minor league NBA basketball: Utah Flash and real estate development ventures. Seastone, LC Provides specialty gift card packaging and gift card promotional programs. Allegiance Provides enterprise feedback management solutions. Top Revenue Earners 1. Sportsman’s Warehouse 2. Extra Space Storage 3. Myriad Genetics, Inc. 4. Little Giant Solutions 5. Omniture Inc. 6. Spring Technologies 7. inthinc, inc. 8. thomasARTS 9. MediConnect Global, Inc. 10. Companion Systems
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