October 1, 2012

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Healthcare Heroes

The Quiet Champions of Healing and Hope

Sarah Cutler, Di Lewis, Sarah Ryther Francom

October 1, 2012

This year’s Healthcare Heroes have touched the lives of many in Utah and beyond the state’s borders. From brilliant doctors to comforting volunteers, each Healthcare Hero exemplifies a devotion to bringing health and hope to our lives. Join us as we pay homage to the brilliant researchers, the knowledgeable medical staff, the healthcare advocates and the administrators who value touch and compassion more than the balance sheet—the quiet champions of healing and hope.

Lifetime Achievement
Dr. L. Frank Bentley

Pediatrician, Memorial Clinic, Intermountain Healthcare

Dr. L. Frank Bentley has established a reputation for working fast during the “golden minute” (the first minute of life) to save the lives of newborn babies who struggle to take their first breath.

He has traveled the globe for nearly a decade volunteering his time to teach healthcare providers life-saving techniques for newborns. Bentley teaches methods that are simple and low-tech: cleaning and stimulating the baby, watching for important vital signs and using a small, handheld ventilator bag and mask to encouraging breathing. He has trained nearly 700 nurses, midwives and physicians who in turn are able to teach the techniques to others.

“Dr. Bentley is devoted to his patients here in Salt Lake and is a committed advocate for newborns in the developing world,”
says LDS Hospital Administrator Jim Sheets. “We are very fortunate to have him as part of our team.”

Bentley began practicing in 1977 and has since helped establish the newborn intensive care unit at LDS Hospital. He has saved the lives of babies across the globe, as well as in Utah. His efforts ensure that many more babies will have a healthy start in life—both those born today and those who will be born far into the future.

“The medical knowledge he has helped spread to other lands and providers is invaluable,” says Utah Medical Association President Dr. Brian Shiozawa. “How many newborns have survived those first critical hours of life because someone taught by Dr. Bentley knew how to get the child to breathe?”

Dr. DeVon C. Hale
Professor of Medicine and Pathology, University of Utah School of Medicine

Dr. DeVon C. Hale has devoted his life to studying and improving health across the world. After receiving specialized training in internal medicine and infectious disease, Hale traveled to more than 25 countries where he evaluated the health of missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. During that time, he became passionate about travel medicine and tropical diseases. His work led to the development of a Global Health Exchange program, in which Hale and his team have worked with health educators and providers in countries such as Kenya, Ghana, Peru, China and India.

Throughout his experiences, Hale has witnessed firsthand the impacts of educating individuals and healthcare providers versus solely treating illnesses. He recalls an experience in Mosoriot, Kenya, when he cared for individuals with HIV. Though the medicine those individuals needed was just $25 a month, most could not afford it. “I had never felt as helpless and distraught as that day in the village of Mosoriot,” he says. “The greatest learning experience for me was recognizing the principle that help in providing education and developing their own resources was more beneficial than trying to provide them with temporary money, supplies or equipment that was not sustainable.”

Today, Hale views his humanitarian missions as an opportunity to teach medical students. “The most enjoyable experience is the opportunity to observe the progress of others as they learn and grow from the educational process—to see students learn and experience life in another culture; to recognize that we are all a part of this world and some of us have more resources than others; and to see countries with limited resources make progress in medical care.”

R. Gene Moffitt
Founder and Chairman of the Board, Gold Cross Ambulance

Gene Moffitt has long had a passion for helping the community around him. With a background in electrical technology, Moffitt worked for Sperry Univac where he managed Intermountain Ambulance. “It was this experience in the ambulance industry that gave me the desire to establish my own company in 1968.”

Moffitt founded Gold Cross Ambulance with the vision of providing quality medical care and customer service to anyone regardless of race, creed, color, religion or ability to pay. According to Moffitt, Gold Cross strives to offer a medical transportation system that is reliable, efficient and is a benefit to the community.

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