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Peter Csathy

Leading with Passion

By: By Scott Schulte

September 1, 2009

For Peter Csathy, life is all about passion and one might say that having passion is what makes the CEO of Sorenson Media tick. Whether he’s spending time with his family, playing outdoors surfing or skiing, or leading the Salt Lake-based company, Csathy does it all with the same amount of excitement and enthusiasm. “Whether it’s work, recreation or spending time with my family, I always want to be fresh and excited about what I’m doing,” Csathy says. “That’s where the passion comes from—a person having different interests so he or she doesn’t get burned out.” With Sorenson Media being in the forefront of Internet video, which is always changing and growing, Csathy says remaining well rounded makes him the best CEO he can be. “No one can work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but there are times when we are in pressure-packed mode,” says Csathy. “I believe having those other areas of life that a person is passionate about keeps them well rounded and ready for the times at work when there is a big crunch going on.” And recently, Sorenson Media has experienced some serious crunch time and excitement. “If someone has ever used YouTube, Apple Quicktime, Adobe Flash, Verizon and other similar companies in the video industry, then they have been touched by Sorenson Media,” Csathy says. “Our company has been innovators in making Internet video happen, and this is from the very beginning of such technologies.” In a nutshell, Sorenson Media creates and implements the processes and technologies that make Internet video possible. Without Sorenson Media, most of the every day technologies would be sitting on a shelf. “We use the tagline, ‘We know video.’” Csathy says. And Sorenson has the reputation and history in the industry to back up the claim. For as long as there has been Internet video, Sorenson has been and continues to be on the cutting edge of the technology that makes all things possible. The possibility to reach out and touch someone in today’s home and business market is made possible due to the company. “Our world is always changing and growing and we are in a time when we are able to reach one another through computers, and even our cell phones. We make the technology that makes all of this possible,” he says. And that’s just the beginning. “If you were to look at the concept of Internet video as a nine inning baseball game, we’re still in the second inning,” Csathy says. “We are just touching the tip of the iceberg.” With Csathy, it is no wonder the comparisons to sports are at the tip of his tongue. Born and raised in Golden Valley, Minn., the mega-ambitious married man with two children is as passionate about everything in his life as he is about the constantly changing and growing world of Internet video technology. “I love to surf and ski,” Csathy says. “I am very fortunate because the home base of Sorenson Media is in Salt Lake and we also have offices and do a great deal of work out of our office in San Diego. For someone like me, it puts me in the two best places I could ever ask for—the best snow and surf in the country.”

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